Monthly Archives: February 2012

New Beginnings

I am a life-long artist and writer, and on this site you will find my art, writing, and motivation for finding creative professional work.


I have worked as a fine artist, graphic artist, creative writer and technical writer, as an independent business owner and an employee. My most fulfilling work happened to coincide with the beginning of our latest recession. Poor timing, I suppose, but so far one of the brightest moments of my life.


In April 2007, a friend and I celebrated the opening of Art on Boston, a multi-use space with gallery, classrooms, and artists’ studios in historic downtown Chandler, AZ. At the time it was a miracle to stand in the center of the completed 3,000 square foot space with 17-foot high ceilings of original pressed tin, and know that we had taken an idea, developed it from beginning to end, and made it a reality.


Art on Boston closed it doors in April 2010, just three years after opening. A short time as businesses go, but I learned more in those three years about myself, life, relationships and business than I had ever before or have since.


I was able to turn to my technical side and find work afterwards, but what happens after you’ve reached and passed what you thought was your life’s goal? You find a different target, which I have and towards which I am working now. I hope to someday publish a book about my experiences and about some of the amazingly creative resilience of people – artists and non-artists alike.