Graphic Art


Working with a group of merchants in historic downtown Chandler, AZ, I was able to create Photographs were provided by a participating photography studio, Light Rain Images, and the remaining merchants provided time, energy and/or money. It was the first design I’d created around the ambiance of a location. This design also became the source for a post card design and an 11″x17″ poster.

©Docha Vida, Photos ©Light Rain Images, Web Site Design ©Wendy Fallon


Authorized Pump Systems

This company specialized in providing water to most of the Southern Arizona golf courses. Family-owned, they were seeking a web site that would provide them with an online presence and define their services for the general public. The client was very specific about how the site should look, feel and function and particularly wanted to showcase photographs of the courses they serviced. I used a Flash component to rotate photos in the bottom right-hand corner, and placed the photo with the most visual impact into the header.

©Authorized Pump Systems




These postcard designs were some of my favorite projects. Designed for the Studio Artists Connection Art Walk in Chandler, AZ, I created the layout and we printed and distributed them by post and hand. Now I can alert many more people in just a few seconds and save on postage by utilizing Facebook! Still – a picture is sometimes worth a thousand words.

Postcard Design @ Wendy Fallon
Art @ Artists: Marty Beck, silver & glass; Judy Berry, fiber; Barbara Burton, printmaking; Betsey Crowder, ceramics; Troy Crowder, watercolor; Denise Currier, fiber multi media; Howard S. Dinet, acrylics; Laurie Fagen, fiber; Wendy Fallon, water media; John Gleason, Sculpture; Susan Gray, painting; Susan I. Jones, fiber & jewelry; BJ Katz, glass; Jacque Keller, painting; Suzanne Larson, fused glass; Sandra Luehrsen, ceramics; Terry Neal, fiber; John Price, watercolor; Rocio Sanchez-Starr, oil & pastels; Michelle Sbraga, fiber; Karen Welch, jewelry












My educational background includes an Associate of Applied Science in Architecture. I spent several years pursuing what I still feel is a great combination of art and technology, and  here are a few of the drawings I produced. The originals of these were completed as pencil renderings.


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  1. Youre an amazing artiist cousin! Just showing off your work to my extended family in Virginia. Hugs and Love to you all.

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